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Lunch - Len and Joyce Home

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Lunch - Len and Joyce Home

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to david

11:33 PM (48 minutes ago)

Dearest David,

I really felt sad that I was not able to connect with you when I tried the second time for you to vid-chat with Pastor Tim and the rest. After that I did not have the chance to connect again since we had to get our own plates, salad, corn, veggies, potato, a piece of meat and apple pie, only to go back to the dining table that was so orderly and beautifully prepared by Joyce - - and Len, I suppose. Unlike there, they do everything here by themselves without the help of house maids. I didn't have the guts to interrupt the guests' animated conversation for picture taking to show you the lovely table then prepared.

Anyway, it really was a casual lunch, for Len and Joyce's close friends from Couts UMC this Christmastime. I got to join them when Len called me about our projected trip to San Antonio, Texas to meet with his pastor friend there and other Filipinos who I may find interesting to interact with going about God's mission here on earth in the field of the visual arts. Len may be a retired Methodist pastor but is still actively involved the Lord's mission.

As usual, the bulk of the conversation, after their own usual exchanges, centered on the three of us. For one, the recent and ongoing eruption of Mayon volcano and how it affects Tess' clan in Legaspi, Bicol, how far Manila is from the eruption, and how safe you are from the eruption and lava flows. Just yesterday, Clent, a member of our Bible study class called Janet just to find out if you are safe from Mayon's eruption. On my way to fetch your mama Lorna, Janet then called me to make sure that you were aware of what's happening, from what they gathered from TV news here in Weatherford.

In no small way are our friends here at Couts UMC really care about the three of us. Their genuine concern for us somehow enhances our stay and Christian life here in Weatherford that has somehow been passed on to you. Your mama Lorna and I just feel so fortunate to have such Christian friends who really care for us.

Yes, maybe, a perfect time is yet set aside for you to meet with them even for a video chat. Although your vid-chat with Len wasn't that audible (your end, because of reception delay), I will still upload it at You Tube tomorrow for you to have an idea of what really transpired this afternoon from our end. I thought, Len and Joyce's place was far from Country Oaks where we live, so I left an hour earlier to make sure I wouldn't miss this lunch with Len and Joyce, Pastor Tim, Butch and Cindy, and Georgia.

In less than 10 minutes, I was already there! Well, Len, after waving at me to come in from the inside had to come out after a while for I didn't notice him at all. Also, I thought I would just wait for the other guests to arrive before letting them know that I was already in front of their beautiful home. Well, I was invited in to be greeted by a beautiful fireplace of which Len was a bit proud of, at the same time apologetic about. Can you guess why? Well, it was digital heat that I could get from the fireplace, an ideal fireplace where anybody can hang precious artwork above without fear of damaging it! It was a video of a fireplace with wood burning, haha. Len even jokingly asked me to come closer to feel the heat, hehe. Well, for one, it really sets the mood, and with quiet Christmas music, how could anything go wrong?

Because I was early, I then started to set my laptop and projector for the powerpoint presentation of your Lolo's Life Ministry as a Methodist Pastor. Of course, with the guests present, I could not help but really appreciate how they reacted to the stories and images of "Tatay and Nanay's" (father & mother) Christian ministry in the Philippines prepared by Ate Necy and me, that also includes you.

Well, just for this afternoon, I can only thank the Lord for the tedious work we had done preparing this still unfinished presentation which bulk still overwhelms me, but that all was not in vain. A lot still transpired when everybody left. Joyce started playing the piano and made me play after. Len, after a few piano pieces, shared with me his photo documentation of the Holy land and authoritatively fed me with its history until your mama Lorna called for me to fetch her from work.

Love you so much and I wish I can really be with you, embrace you and do the usual things we do when we were together especially this time of Christmas. In God's time, things will fall in their proper places as, even now, they continue to unfold beautifully, joyfully beyond our belief. God is good. Let us continue to trust in Him.

Take care always,


ps: Video: Sorry, David dear / Lunch @ Len & Joyce's Home
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On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 8:59 PM, david bautista wrote:

Hi Dad!

Sorry baka di ko nadinig, or sa tagal, baka naamatay na laptop kasi naka battery ako, kasi naka full charge naman ako so mga 2 hrs un, naka max ang sound ko at nka connect ako, sorry Dad ha.. i am sure there will be another perfect time for me to meet them:) i hope you had a successful presentation and i am looking forward to the stories as to what happened :) i love you so much!

- David

On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 1:05 PM, GLENN BAUTISTA wrote:

Sorry, anak, hindi ako maka connect . . nyt, love you