From Pearland to Baytown TX - Wall Art

Since we moved in last April, 2012 from Pearland, TX, a bit on Fridays, plenty on Saturdays and Sundays, are just about the time I can dedicate to whatever I want to do in Baytown, Texas. And why is this? My wife, Lorna and I are always together going about her work in Baytown and its neighboring places like Dayton, Liberty, Crosby, Wallisville, Anahuac, South and West Houston. Initially, driving for several hours, on the freeways and roads inside some few towns in Texas has not been easy. After a while, I began to get used to the same routine, although it slowly changes after a time. By now, I have quite accepted the Toyota RAV4 2010 I now drive as my art studio and office. It is neither small nor big, but is just enough for our needs. I noticed, after a time, that this is a good way to produce artworks and write the books I have always wanted to find time for. Change, I guess, is the reason why I continue to be inspired to paint and write. Lorna and I, most of the time leave our place (Lynn Apartments) in Baytown around seven in the morning and come back home before, or, when it’s already dark. We get tired, yes, but we always feel that we have achieved something for the day, hardly noticing its passing. Also, driving around Texas for me has become a therapy more than work. We go about our day in a relaxed and fun way trekking different routes, meeting different people and eating at different places and eateries. Sometimes, we catch ourselves longing to have a permanent place to stay and work. But, like I said, we presently enjoy what we are doing until another form of challenge unfolds. We have been here in Baytown, TX for more than three months now and will stay until the end of 2012. However, a brief break from work here in Baytown to a brief rest in the Philippines come October is in the planning stage. As parents, we are firstly excited to be with our son, David, even for a while. The good Lord continues to guide, protect and provide our needs. Not only our needs, but our son’s needs, as well, who is, at age 25 is almost independent from us. By now, he can already take care of a big portion of his daily needs and hardly needs anything from us. Grace is sufficient, indeed! By now, I have already produced and published three art books, and a book on the golf swing. I am presently writing a sequel to my first book on the golf swing. This just happened! For there is a need to write about my recent discoveries about the golf swing which, I think, are worth sharing. My passion for the sport of golf, or for the improvement of my golf swing is what pushes me into creativity. Somehow, it leads me into doing a lot of other things too. It leads me to shooting photos and videos, sketching objects, places and ideas to end up finalizing the artworks when we get home. I have always been busy since I came in the US on May 2009. I have produced a hundred twenty pieces of 18”x24” horizontal pastels, a few collages and oils. Assisting Lorna with her work is always an honor. She deserves to be helped for her work has not been easy and demands a lot from her. The car becomes her instant office answering phone calls, surfing the net and many others, while I drive for her. As a couple, we have truly become one here in the US. This was not the case when we were living in the Philippines, for we had our own activities and preoccupation then, that kept us independent from each other for a while. After this paragraph, I will include photos I have taken with my Motorola Droid Bionic cell phone of the few places we have visited in Baytown, Texas, and the nearby towns around. Enjoy!

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From Pearland to Baytown TX

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