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Link to Glenn's Blog: Well, as a freshman, I started to meet with my classmates and schoolmates at the locker room. This means that I had the opportunity to meet with both the Fine Art students, as well as the Architecture students using the same fourth floor of Gonzales Hall, also known as the UP Main Library. The locker room was a common space for all fine art students where we eventually formed a singing group called, “Ma’s Concern“, meaning, mothers’ concern. There we shared creative expressions using photography, graffiti poems and visual artworks on locker doors- – both outside and inside our lockers. After classes, we spent some amount of time to crack jokes, unwind by singing while I played the guitar, recite poems and just do anything to shake off the rigid and demanding art lessons and requirements for the day. On the right wing of the fourth floor were Architecture students we had come to know and become friends with. Because of this, some members from Fine Arts and Architecture formed another singing group called, “CAFAsingers” and “Gentle Rain” initiated by Nonong Pedero. He is more known now as “Dero”. Interactions between male and female art students also led to forming photography groups called, ALM and BLM. ALM stands for “available light movement” and BLM, I have forgotten. Help! This is all for now, and since I will be including this narrative in my blogs which I recently resumed, I will continue, now and then to add more related images and stories.

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Ma's Concern-CAFAsingers-GentleRain-ALM-BLM-'63-'69

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