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2009-12 Christmas - Epiphany Greeting Cards by Glenn A. Bautista

October 27th, 2012

2009-12 Christmas - Epiphany Greeting Cards by Glenn A. Bautista

The Glenn Bautista spectrum of a new icon: Unveiling a sacred experience from the fissured light of ancestor's years into a bright dawn of reverence, dedicated to Tatay and Nanay (father & mother).

View complete album:

Dear Family / Friends,

May I share with you my selected artworks, "Digital Collages for Christmas-Epiphany", for your greeting cards this season. An art interaction with old stampitas, ancient Bible illustrations, icons, bas reliefs, prints, sculptures, and many others.

Christmas-Epiphany greeting cards, canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, framed art prints and unframed art prints (several sizes), are readily available to order online. Delivery in 2-3 business days in the US.


Glenn A. Bautista
Visual Artist / Baytown, TX

Cosmicscapes 1980-85 by Glenn Bautista

October 27th, 2012

Cosmicscapes 1980-85 by Glenn Bautista

Not so much of what I imagine a "cosmic-scape" could be, but more on the possibilities of what any drawing tool can lead me to, e.g.: a quick mathematical progression from small to large doodle can make a futuristic-scape exhibiting a foreground, middle-ground and a background. These pencil-pastel sketches are the result of this creative thought and of course, its variations created in Dusseldorf, Germany and Manila, Philippines. (1980-85).

To view all cosmicscapes pastels:

JunJulyApril-s Place

October 27th, 2012

JunJulyApril-s Place

JunJulyApril-s Place Cerritos LA / To view all pastels:

From LAX, picked up by my younger brother, Edwin and elder brother Kuya Jun, we went straight to Cerritos to rest a bit. Edwin ended up having to fix Kuya Jun's car air-conditioner which broke down a few days ago. I drove once for them to get some spare parts for the air conditioner just to get the feel of driving again in California. I find the roads narrower and older than the roads we have in Texas. Ate Julie prepared lunch for us until we had to leave for Kuya Fil and Ate Necy were waiting for us at their place in Monterey Park, CA, some 45 minutes from Cerritos, CA.

Our short stay at Kuya Jun’s place gave me the chance to do quick pastels of their garden - - plants, flowers, vines, vegetables, cactus, trees, etc. I took photos of the rest so I could work on them when we get back to Pearland, TX.

Central UMC Logo - Vertical Banner by Glenn

October 20th, 2012

Central UMC Logo - Vertical Banner by Glenn

To: Rae
Sent: Fri, February 4, 2011 10:45:08 AM
Subject: Central UMC logo & vertical banner

Hi Rae,

Hope this will suffice.

Please inform me if there should be any changes, or additions.
I want to keep it as simple as possible. Only I can alter my design.

>-<)*> . . . glenn
- - - -

On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 6:15 PM, Ray Marcuelo wrote:


What a beautiful morning! The Lord's hand surely have guided you. These designs are what I simply would describe as "CLASS, ELEGANCE , A GIFT FROM GOD." I love it, I like it so much. I think the Lord will be exceedingly glad to accept it as an offering . For so long, Central really never had it's own logo.

No, nothing to change. It's perfect as it is. I like the totality of the design that characterizes what a church logo should be. Right now I am thinking of a logo description. You may want to do it in your own words as the artist and because you grew up at Central and will always be a part of this church.

While viewing I felt there were others looking from behind me - Kuya Elmore and your Dad. Glenn how can I best express my appreciation to you except to repeat Psalm 118:1

Am initially sharing my joy with our Pastors:

Rev Ciriaco Francisco (Pastor Cerrie), Administrative Pastor, Tagalog Congregation
Rev Dr Edward Copliting (Pastor Ed), Ilocano Congregation,
Rev Dr. Alfredo Agtarap (Pastor Fred), English Congregation (Pulpit Supply Pastor)
Rev Edrick Ancheta, Youth Pastor
Pastor Chen , Chinese congregation . He is Taiwanese and a student at UTS and . .
Prof Joy Nilo, Music Director
Eva Rodriguez Angeles, Nurture Chair
Bellet Carpio, Christian Educ Com Chair and President, WSCS
Philina Absalon , Deaconess
Remy Pablo, Deaconess
Femie Biteng, Finance Committee and member of the 112th Anniv Committee

Maraming salamat, Glenn.

I will continue to update you on developments for the 112th anniv.

- - - -

Hi Ray,

Can you please decide which to use - - Ray or Rae, hehe.

Well, I'm happy you liked the Central UMC logo and the vertical banner.

I am glad I was able to give it time despite my very busy schedule. Am working on my art book now, a few portraits and my uncompleted pastels yet to be included in my book. Well the only way not to miss Pinas is to keep myself busy all the time.

Yes, keep me updated. Once a Methodist, always a Methodist.


>-<)*> . . . glenn

ps: My preference to keep the logo's interpretation open to allow others to interact. You will be surprised how others may view it. This is the reason why the design is abstract and simple. -gb
- - - - -

Leonard Johnson to GLENN
Feb 5 (2 days ago)

Hey, Glenn!

Hi from Len and Joyce here in Weatherford! Wow, that is quite a piece of art you did on that church logo/banner!
We sure miss you and Lorna! It would be good to see you again, visit, and catch up!

God bless.
Len & Joyce
- - -

Hi Len / Joyce,

I made it so simple that it can be used as a standard logo by any UMC just by changing the church's name and adding a few more.
I wonder what impact it would make if UMC really has a standard logo, not just the cross and red flame (holy spirit).

Lorna got extended here in Pearland for another 3 months. She is really liked wherever she works.

So, here I am creating more artworks and presently writing a book on my pastels and activities here in the US. It will take time for there's so much to include but, of course, I have to be very selective. Somehow, this keeps me busy and less lonely.

It's great to hear from you and I wish that we really get to visit with all of you there again. Lorna doesn't mind being reassigned there permanently after trying all the other settings (nursing, out-patient, hospital, etc) to add more to her resume and experience.

Here's a link to all our activities here in the US:


>-<)*> . . . glenn

- - -

Stanley Jacob to GLENN

Stanley wrote:

"What a wonderful offering Glenn.
You are God's artist."


- - - -

The Philippine Star, Thursday , March 17, 2011

Central United Methodist Church marks 112th Anniversary

The Central United Methodist Church (CUMC) celebrates its 112th founding anniversary on Sunday, March 20 with center of events at 694 T.M. Kalaw St. ,Ermita, Manila.

With the theme “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever” (Psalm 118:1), the celebration will have Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Administrator and PDEA Executive Director Carlos Cao, Jr, as guest speaker. An anniversary banner, designed by Glenn Bautista, a prominent visual artist who is based in Pearland, Texas, USA features the soaring spiritual flame expressing CUMC’s vertical love and devotion to God, the highest praise and gratitude, the horizontal and cascading lines of the name of the faith community of Central UMC signifying compassionate love for neighbor.
One of the highlights of the anniversary is a Family Worship Conference on March 26 in collaboration with Keziah Ministries and the Central Upperbox.

The church traces its beginnings to the first Protestant worship service conducted by Dr. James Thoburn in March 1899 at the Teatro Pilipino on Carriedo Street.

Ms Ray Marcuelo , chairperson of the anniversary celebration, pointed out that the church is the people of God who express thanksgiving for God’s goodness and grace in the past, joy for the present and hope for the future. Rev. Cerrie Francisco, administrative pastor said that “Central Church is a “Christ-centered church that reaches out.” There are five worship services – Tagalog, Ilocano, English, Chinese and Vesper. A well-attended fellowship and worship service for the youth, the Central Upperbox, meets every Friday evening at the Student Center. Today, Central also boasts of seven choirs under the baton of a well-know composer and conductor, Prof Joy Nilo. For details contact Central United Methodist Church office, 02 8818564 or 0915 370 9088.

(Press releases appeared also in The Philippine inquirer and Business World. We are waiting for the press release in Tagalog)

- - - -

Afrie Songco Joye to GLENN
1:16 PM (2 hours ago)

i like the logo, glenn. and the colors too.

Glenn Meets Hillcrest Golf Club Owner Dean Wilson Alvin TX

October 20th, 2012

Glenn Meets Hillcrest Golf Club Owner Dean Wilson Alvin TX

Dear Family, (pix from my Motorola Droid CP)

May 5, 2011 / Alvin, TX

Drove 30 mins to Alvin from Pearland, TX to bring Lorna to her new facility. She may work here only for a month and hopes to be transferred to an outpatient set up. This one here is a nursing facility which Lorna finds a bit too much for her.

I didn't want to drive back only to pick her up again at 5PM, so I visited a nearby golf course close to Lorna's facility in Alvin, TX. I was able to practice at the driving range and did some pitching and putting too. Still about 5 hours wait before I pick Lorna up, so, I may have to play the 9 nine holes here and surf the net at the library.

(Next day / May 6, 2011)

Well, this time I was planning to visit the Bayou Wildlife in Alvin, TX but I thought of going to Hillcrest Golf Club instead to practice on my golf swing a bit more. Since it was going to be a long wait 'til I pick Lorna up from work, I opted to have breakfast at the club and just work on my golf swing after checking my emails.

Soon, it was lunch time and was a bit lazy to drive out for lunch. Again, I had something to eat at the club just munching peanut butter biscuits, Lays and the lemon and honey juice I brought with me. That was sufficient for my small tummy . . and strange enough, I didn't get hungry at all that afternoon.

After exhausting myself practicing with my clubs, I got back to the club house and worked on my book on golf. Now and then, I would leave my table with my laptop to charge it close to where the golf shoe boxes were neatly arranged. The height of the boxes fitted for a table so I pulled a chair right there so I could work on my book. This book on golf are my personal notes about my golf swing.

Suddenly, I felt a presence on my left who spoke to me and said, "Can you tell me what's going on here?" I knew that right then and there, there was something I wasn't doing right. So, a bit nervously, I explained that I was working on a book.

"A book on what?", he asked? "A book on golf," I said. "What about"?, he continued to asked rather curiously. "Well, a little bit about everything like my notes on my golf swing as compared to Ben Hogan's, my games in CO, CA and in Pearland, TX and many others.

So, I asked, "would you be willing to view what I have so far written? "Yes, ok", he said. To cut the long story short, he started to view my notes together with the photos I included in my book 'til it got to the page where I started to feature Hillscrest Golf Club and the friends I have so far met at the club.

He recognized their faces and named them for me and described to me as to what roles they play at the club. Soon, we were long discussing my book and especially on the golf swing. He explained to me the different types of golf players, thus, the difficulty in recommending any particular way of performing the golf swing. I told him that I am aware of that. That is why I always mention in my notes that the realizations I have are for my personal swing, but which they may depart from, learn from or just totally ignore.

After a few more golf chat, he then asked who I was and what I am doing in Alvin, TX. After he understood where I was coming from, I then had to asked who he was. He said, I am Dean Wilson, the owner of Hillcrest Golf Club.

Well, I couldn't help show the pleasure of having met the owner of this golf club I already started to like and even told him that this place even reminded me of my favorite golf club in the Philippines that I frequented when I was starting to learn golf. Then, I had to asked him and his lovely doggie to pose for me so I can include them in my golf book . . and another photo of Dean with me.

- - - - -

I failed to mention that I met with Jack Saffold much earlier who briefed and demonstrated to me in detail about the ‘five lessons’ of Ben Hogan only for him to realize later that I have always been Ben’s disciple since I started playing golf. Jack, according to him, got to meet with Ben in his prime years in golf. Jack is a PGA golf instructor who teaches golf here at Hillcrest Golf Club. Btw, Dean Wilson is also a PGA professional. Maybe I should take advantage and get further lessons from Jack today. (May 10, Tuesday 3:50AM)

Golf with Tim John Vaughn

October 19th, 2012

Golf with Tim John Vaughn

Clear Creek Golf Club / Pearland, TX / Monday, June 6, 2011
(Images from my Motorola Droid CP)

- - - - -

I met a young lad, named John Benedicto (Systems Analyst) when I was practicing at the driving range at Southwyck Golf Club, here in Pearland, TX. I have driving range and golf games privileges since I am the marshal of the club on Fridays for three hours.

This is the best way to go about playing in the US. Get trained to be a marshal, and assume the post, at least, once a week. This will entitle one to a lot of club benefits without spending money. This is also a good way of getting to know the entire staff of the club.

And so, John and I met at the driving range, and we found out that we both come from the Philippines. We then decided to get to know each other more by playing a game of golf. Yesterday, we were set on playing at Southwyck Golf Club. Tim Benedicto, (Outpatient-Surgery/Anderson Hospital) another Filipino golfer I met at Hillcrest Golf Club (Alvin, TX) called in an hour before tee-off time and decided to join John and myself. Tim lives in Friendswood, TX.

We then met at Southwyck Golf Club only to discover that there was a tournament going on, and instead of teeing-off at 9AM, we were booked to play at 12 noon instead. The three of us agreed to play at a nearby golf course for we could not wait that long at Southwyck, so I cancelled our scheduled game and proceeded to Clear Creek Golf Club. At the course, I noticed Vaughn playing alone. So, i asked him if he cared to join us, to which he readily agreed. The four of us had fun chatting and golfing from 10AM-2:45PM.

I brought John back to his car at Southwyck and headed home for a bit or rest before picking Lorna up from work in Alvin, TX at 4:30PM.

Glenn's book on the golf swing, "Mirror-Image Swing Plane":

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GlennB Takes Lessons from PGA Golf Pro Jack Saffold

October 19th, 2012

GlennB Takes Lessons from PGA Golf Pro Jack Saffold

Got to the Hillcrest Golf Club 30 minutes earlier than my scheduled lesson with PGA Golf Pro, Jack Saffold. Had a bit to eat and drink together with Wayne and David who were there much earlier enjoying their cups of coffee. We discussed about a lot of things that I cannot divulge here for they are for Seniors' ears only. Soon, Jack came in ready for our golf lessons. He stayed a bit with us to set the mood for the day, a usual thing for golfers before they walk the much awaited fairways of Hillcrest Golf Course. Jack and I soon took off and drove his golf car to a nearby green. He gave me a few basic lessons in putting - - the stance, address, alignment and the actual stroke to putt a ball to the hole, the way most golf professionals would - - like Hogan, whom Jack had the privilege of watching practice and play at Shady Oaks Country Club in Fort Worth, TX. Sanders, likewise, putted this way, Jack said. After the putting lesson, Jack and I proceeded to a green where we could practice on our sand-wedge approach to the green - - close and a bit further away from the green. Great exercises and tips got from Jack - - will be featured in my golf book with his kind permission. I may be able to show you excerpts of two short videos I took after securing Jack's permission. Jack asked me if I would be interested in meeting his wife, Phoebe to which I replied, “Sure thing, I am free until 4PM, Jack. So we went to his place to meet his wife who I learned spoke seven languages and who has written a few books, yet unpublished. Jack too has had his notes on horses and golf too, just waiting to be finalized and published. I look forward to Friday for my next lessons from the very amiable golfer, Jack Saffold. Thank you Jack for a very educational and fun day of golf lessons with you.

Sorry, I wasn't able to take more and good photos. I was more focused on my golf lessons with Jack. I will try to write down the lessons I have learned today so I can share them with other golf enthusiasts via my book on golf.

Response from son, David: On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 7:32 PM, david bautista wrote:

Hi Dad!

Viewed them all :) nice to see you having an adventure and living in such a way that inspires others, especially me, that urges the inner self to be better in all aspects :) continuing to live life curious and never stop learning . . you inspire me with your ways and words :) God bless you Dad! and I love you! - David

To: david bautista

Thank you, David dear . . .

You remind me now of the verse in the Bible:

King James Bible: "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things."

I spoke to LolaL recently (Mother's Day) and she could not help but be proud of you. She said that you are both good inside and out - - physically and spiritually. What more can your physical father ask? I am sure our Father in Heaven is very pleased with you.


The Event by Glenn Bautista - A Christmas Message

October 19th, 2012

The Event by Glenn Bautista - A Christmas Message

A Message from Glenn:

Dear Family & Friends,

In relation to God's divine purpose here on earth, may I share with you an artwork that changed my life and this morning's message from Pastor Tim Jarrell (Couts UMC Sunday worship).

May this artwork's message help us, as the Bible says to, "prepare ye the way of the Lord", in removing barriers to allow us to avail of God's salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. For this unthinkable, Holy "Event" to be understood, according to Pastor Tim as he quotes the Bible, we must: clear the road, fill in the valley, level the mountain and smooth rough places, to pave the way for the coming of the Lord - - for Christ is the reason for this season, and nothing else.

We may engage in some holy habits such as: fasting, giving, studying and worship - - for we worship God in everything we do, continuously walking in his path, in His presence!

Also, I learned from our Sunday school class (Pathfinders: to focus on God's word, which is the Bible, God's Church, which is His body and our own faith in Him, that keeps us close and connected to our Saviour. Only then can we reach out to others when we have completed these preparations.

One illustration that I appreciate from our lesson is this story:

A man once came to a farmer and asked to be taken on as a hired hand. "What can you do?", the farmer asked him. The man replied, "I can sleep when the wind blows!" The farmer thought that was a strange answer, but he needed a worker, so with some reservations, he went on and hired the man. A couple of weeks later, as the farmer was falling asleep, a storm came up. Winds were blowing and lashing. The farmer woke up and heard the winds, and he remembered the broken barn door, the weak place in the fence, and some ripped wire in the chicken coop. Concerned about his stock, he got up and went out into the storm to check on them. And what do you think he found? The barn door, the fence, and the chicken coop had all been repaired! The animals were all safe. And the hired worker was sleeping soundly. Then the farmer remembered what he had said, "I can sleep when the wind blows." He could sleep because he had prepared for the storm! Can you?

Remember, "prepare ye the way of the Lord":

In Christ,


- - - - -

It was 1965 and I was 17 years old when my father, a Methodist minister, encouraged me to join an International Art Competition where submitted artworks were to be exhibited at the New York World’s Fair. 60 world entries were submitted and visitors at the fair casually voted for the artwork they wished to win. I almost reached the ceiling of our house jumping for joy, when I received a registered “airmail” letter from World Lit-Lit & Christian Literature that I had won the art competition.

Not too long since the announcement, I received a check and some boxes containing Christmas cards of my artwork, "The Event". I was never the same since then, and had carried on the same passion, with a few interruptions, to paint up to the present time. Below is a bit of text I submitted to suggest or guide the viewer as to what I had in mind when I worked on this award winning piece.


by Glenn A. Bautista

“The Birth Scene is THE EVENT designed by God to usher into the world the Kingdom of Heaven. The faint outline of the world, cross, and Bible suggest that the translation of THE EVENT into human experience has not proceeded far enough. But modern man need not accept defeat! The three Wise Men and their modern counterparts are still persistently pointing to the Star of Bethlehem as the one sure hope of peace,” says artist Glenn Bautista, of Manila.

“The Event” (tempera on board), First Prize Winner, International Christmas Art Competition, New York World’s Fair, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., World Literacy and Christian Literature, NCC 475 Riverside Drive, New York, N.Y. 10027 @ WLCL, Printed in U.S.A.


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